Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meagashira - Purified by Pain

Artist: Meagashira
Title: Purified by Pain
Released: 15-apr-2012
Catalog: [AFTER04] Afterlife Recordings

1. Meagashira - Purified by Pain
2.Meagashira -Punishment
3. Meagashira -Troy

The scene was overjoyed when Meagashire announced he was busy working on new tracks, and he had signed at the fairly new label; Afterlife Recordings. Meagashira stopped producing around 2004, releasing only one EP since; the collaboration EP with Endymion on the Enzyme label in 2009. But now he is back, and also announced he would be focusing more on nowadays mainstream hardcore, but ofcourse with his own dark twist.

Purified by Pain
And he wasn't lying when he said he would try to give his tracks his famous dark feeling, this one surely has it. There is a big difference though with the new kicks, they are up to modern standards; raw and distorted. The vocals absolutely fit in with this track, completing the dark and evil atmosphere it creates.

This one reminds a lot of the collaboration EP he did with Endymion, especially of the track: Who i am.
The structure of this track is quite comparible to that of his last releases in 2009. Again some nice kicks, but not a really dark feeling. This track still has a very good vibe though.

This is where the mainstream really fits in. Female vocals being the backbone of this track, he is trying to gain the interest of today's mainstream crowd. The vocals aren't quite distinguishable enough to make this a real sing-along, but this track will sure raise some hands whenever it's played. Although it bids to say that the track on the other hand is very simple and the kicks are being pushed to the background a bit.

Ofcourse there is a difference between his new, and his old sounds. But this is partly because the huge technical advancements when it comes to producing nowadays. But inevitably his style has changed after so many years. He is experimenting with the mainstream sound, but shows us he can also do what we know him for; making some real dark tracks.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

EST vs. Bangkok Raavers

Artist: Various
Title: Untitled
Released: 10-apr-2012
Catalog: [VDA08] Vindicta Records

1. EST - Darkfallus
2. EST ft. MC Matos - Fuck off the haters (TiH Anthem 2012)
3. Bangkok Raavers - French K-Sauce 6
4. Bangkok Raavers - Shemale Roulette

The guys from EST (Bartoch, Tieum and Scratch) have dropped a new release today, featuring two tracks from the new formation; Bangkok Raavers. Let's see what these new guys have in store for us, shall we?

You can definetely here this is made by Tieum. He even used the vocals he used in some tracks on the Distorted Information EP with Ophidian on Meta_4, wich are very cool vocals. The addition of some raw Bartoch cuts make this a solid track.

Fuck off the haters
This is Hardcore is a new concept, on Belgian soil. With this track as their first anthem, i see a bright future ahead for them. Bringing in some deadly Bartoch kicks, the vocals aren't top class i'd have to say. But i would definetely like this one to be played at a party.

French K-Sauce 6
Judging from their style, these guys will defenitely fit in at Vindicta Records. Brutal kicks, nice cuts and a structure that reminds a lot of the Bartoch style. Ofcourse this isn't state of the art producing yet, but i see no reason why we won't hear a lot of nice tracks from these guys in the future.

Shemale Roulette
With a title like that, you know the track is going to be fucked up. A lot of experimenting with kicks in this track. The main ingredient of this track has to be distortion, a little too much in some places. And my expectations were right, this has fucked up written all over it. But it's fucked up in a good way.

No real surprises from EST, except maybe the fact that they were chosen to produce the anthem of the new This is Hardcore concept. Bangkok Raavers, i am going to remember this name and look forward to listening to more releases from these guys.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Section Grabuge - Fuck 'em all EP

Artist: Section Grabuge
Title: Fuck 'em all
Released: 05-Apr-2012
Catalog: [DARKUL013] Darkside Unleashed

1. Section Grabuge - Fuck 'em all
2. Section Grabuge - Le Pacte
3. Section Grabuge - Exploited's not dead

My favourite Frenchmen are back, and this time not on their home label Cyberkoin, but on Al Twisted & Rob da Rhythm's : Darkside Unleashed.

Fuck 'em all
This one opens up with the vocals which were used on Hardcore Radio for several years, and they always made me chuckle. The vocals are scrambled and used in the typical Section Grabuge way, wich is slamming them in your fast really hard. Ofcourse we hear the kick we have been hearing in most of their releases.

 Le Pacte
Opening straight away with kicks loaded with distortion and overdrive, kinda sounds like the kick used often by the Genesis Projection, who also released EP's at Darkside Unleashed . Ofcourse a nice dose of vocals and distorted guitars.

Exploited's not dead
The same old Section kick, but this time at quite a lower tempo. Gives the kick more of a feeling it's rolling towards you, wich is pretty nice. I do get the feeling the kick is being pushed a bit to the background a bit by the other sounds.

Section Grabuge does what i expected them to do, deliver another slamming EP. Their style is still remarkable, they really have their own trademark. This will surely be in my playlist for a while.

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Rayden - Crucified EP

Artist: Rayden
Title: Crucified
Released: 02-Apr-2012
Catalog: [HM2793] Hardcore Blasters

1. Rayden - Crucified
2. Rayden - Master Control
3. Rayden - Eradicate

Rayden has dropped his 5th release on the infamous Hardcore Blasters label.

The track Crucified is as you would expect form Rayden, energetic kicks, strong leads with uplifting melodies and synths. Some dubstep influence can definetely be heard in the main break.

Master Control
With this track i have the feeling Rayden is getting more in touch with his dark side, no happy melodies and synths, but rather raw and scraping (in a good way). The theme of this song definetely is technology, it's all in the vocals and the feeling the track has. I am very sure i haven't seen the last of this track.

Ok, it's time to pitch it up a notch! A lot of playing with kicks going on in this track, i like it! Where Master Control was accessing mr. Gadea's dark side, this one is defenitely tuning in on his raw side. It's a nice up-tempo track, no long breaks. He even put in a little treat for those of you who like it real fast!

As a whole, this is a nice EP. It could have done with some minor polishing, especially on the Crucified track. The other two, and Eradicate in particular, managed to surprise me in a positive way.

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