Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rayden - Crucified EP

Artist: Rayden
Title: Crucified
Released: 02-Apr-2012
Catalog: [HM2793] Hardcore Blasters

1. Rayden - Crucified
2. Rayden - Master Control
3. Rayden - Eradicate

Rayden has dropped his 5th release on the infamous Hardcore Blasters label.

The track Crucified is as you would expect form Rayden, energetic kicks, strong leads with uplifting melodies and synths. Some dubstep influence can definetely be heard in the main break.

Master Control
With this track i have the feeling Rayden is getting more in touch with his dark side, no happy melodies and synths, but rather raw and scraping (in a good way). The theme of this song definetely is technology, it's all in the vocals and the feeling the track has. I am very sure i haven't seen the last of this track.

Ok, it's time to pitch it up a notch! A lot of playing with kicks going on in this track, i like it! Where Master Control was accessing mr. Gadea's dark side, this one is defenitely tuning in on his raw side. It's a nice up-tempo track, no long breaks. He even put in a little treat for those of you who like it real fast!

As a whole, this is a nice EP. It could have done with some minor polishing, especially on the Crucified track. The other two, and Eradicate in particular, managed to surprise me in a positive way.

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