Tuesday, April 10, 2012

EST vs. Bangkok Raavers

Artist: Various
Title: Untitled
Released: 10-apr-2012
Catalog: [VDA08] Vindicta Records

1. EST - Darkfallus
2. EST ft. MC Matos - Fuck off the haters (TiH Anthem 2012)
3. Bangkok Raavers - French K-Sauce 6
4. Bangkok Raavers - Shemale Roulette

The guys from EST (Bartoch, Tieum and Scratch) have dropped a new release today, featuring two tracks from the new formation; Bangkok Raavers. Let's see what these new guys have in store for us, shall we?

You can definetely here this is made by Tieum. He even used the vocals he used in some tracks on the Distorted Information EP with Ophidian on Meta_4, wich are very cool vocals. The addition of some raw Bartoch cuts make this a solid track.

Fuck off the haters
This is Hardcore is a new concept, on Belgian soil. With this track as their first anthem, i see a bright future ahead for them. Bringing in some deadly Bartoch kicks, the vocals aren't top class i'd have to say. But i would definetely like this one to be played at a party.

French K-Sauce 6
Judging from their style, these guys will defenitely fit in at Vindicta Records. Brutal kicks, nice cuts and a structure that reminds a lot of the Bartoch style. Ofcourse this isn't state of the art producing yet, but i see no reason why we won't hear a lot of nice tracks from these guys in the future.

Shemale Roulette
With a title like that, you know the track is going to be fucked up. A lot of experimenting with kicks in this track. The main ingredient of this track has to be distortion, a little too much in some places. And my expectations were right, this has fucked up written all over it. But it's fucked up in a good way.

No real surprises from EST, except maybe the fact that they were chosen to produce the anthem of the new This is Hardcore concept. Bangkok Raavers, i am going to remember this name and look forward to listening to more releases from these guys.

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  1. I don't recognize any of those artists but I do like the album art.